Featured Creative - Rosalie Weeks


Hi, who are you?
                                                 "Rosalie Weeks"

Oh yeah, so like, what year are you in?                     

Cool! What’s your major?

Tell me a story about your prints: 

"These prints started as part of a project for one of my classes. We were supposed to create an illustration that was a juxtaposition, so I chose lewd and highclass. I'm very fascinated by the period of Rococo, I've used it as inspiration for a lot of my art. There's something really wonderfully indulgent about it that I'm a little jealous of. I'm interested in how we know now that during the Rococo period, the bourgeois were having crazy amounts of sex similar to what I depicted but they didn't exactly include that in the art of the time as explicitly. I like to think of these prints as a Rococo hustler mag."

If you want to buy a print you can contact Rosalie through her facebook page, which is Rosalie Makes Art.

They're $25 each plus shipping. 

You should snap these up,
They’re classy as f^&k.



images with permission of Rosalie Weeks. photography by Naitik Mehta