Book Bag

Open up your canvas tote. And show me your books.

We darlings of Emily Carr are in a privileged position, in the last two months we have been treated to SWARM, The Vancouver Art/Book Fair, and currently, the Writers Festival!

What’s the result? Well I know I’ve had to scour for silver in-between my couch cushions due to decisions made between the magical rows of tables at VA/BF. Financial setbacks aside, the richness and variety offered at VA/BF and the first ever Artist’s Book Week was truly significant. From paper material available for purchase, to talks lectures and events, a healthy menu has been steadily offered by reputable venues throughout the fall season. It’s entirely impossible to leave empty handed/minded from any of these diversions. With the “Shelfie” trend bubbling into newsfeeds everywhere, It’s time to ask: What made it on to your bookshelf?

Below, some of the WOO staff have taken some classy phone snaps of their spoils! Add yours to our gallery? 

Is that a pyramid power I see?