Dear ECU,

It’s October 14th. Sh*t.

The final date for fall submissions is already here and the semester is rushing by faster than a sailfish spearing herring! Amid the chaos, I’m excited to announce that the WOO Blog, is back in action! 

We’ve done some re-vamping and although I’m sure there will be few snags along the way, I’m happy to announce we have added some important additional features. While we are maintaining the tumblr blog we have expanded to deliver the content on our website!  This website features a brand-new comment area! Have comments, questions or thoughts about an article? Want to share them with the world from the blanket nest you made on your couch? Now you can! Generate some fine discourse around any post! (or just be a troll, you know?) 

Our robust and enthusiastic writing team is geared up to offer an expanse of content for your consideration this year that will include: reviews, bi-weekly artist features, exploratory essays and creative writing. WOO will also be accepting written submissions from students throughout the year. Anything art/music or ECU related is game. So if you find yourself reaching the character limit on the comment feature, feel free to take up the pen yourself, and write to me.  


Talk soon,

Jennifer Dickieson
WOO Publications Editorial Director