What do I even do with this degree?


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What do I even do with this degree?
By Jessica Molcan

Most of us usually hear nay-sayers when we enter into art school: “You won’t make any money,” they say, “do something practical.”

They’re not always right, but even the best of us have doubts at time. Sometimes it’s hard to see potential careers when you’re majoring in something other than communication design, or maybe it’s daunting to know the level of competition in the film industry outside of school. Here are some careers and their corresponding education that can get your foot in the door, get your wheels turning.

Video Game Designer

Designing a game from scratch and inventing an incredible alternate universe. Great for animation majors, and can ward away that “starving artist” stereotype. Video game designers can make $80,000+ a year.

Film Editor

Working behind the scenes can allow you to flex your creativity and still afford to do your own art films on the side. If you’re into film, video or dynamic media, this may be a job for you.

Marketing Manager

Leaping outside the graphic designer box, communication design majors can become marketing managers. Well versed in design, you can be the brains behind the spotlight falling on your company.

Creative Director

A career found in most creative fields, the creative director is responsible for overseeing all of the creative projects in a company from start to finish. If you have strong management skills and can sell yourself, you could take your creative degree from Emily Carr and get your foot in first as a junior creative director. Great for illustration, photography, communication or industrial design, visual arts or media degrees.

Art Therapist

A little more education will be on the horizon in order to get into art therapy, but the good news is that you’ll be able to use your artistic ability to help those who are struggling through traumatic events. If you’re in painting or drawing and considering graduate studies, you can also look at art therapy post-bachelor degrees. A good place to start is the Vancouver Art Therapy institute: http://www.vati.bc.ca


Specifically, writing about art. Art criticism, gallery reviews, first hand experience in the art world or specific assignments from creative magazines. Several contemporary artists use this in conjunction with their art practice to produce additional income. Not just for Critical and Cultural Studies major, but anyone who is passionate about the art world and possess strong writing skills can submit written work to publications. If you’re looking to get your feet wet, become a contributor for the WOO.

Curator/Gallery Director

With the new curatorial practices minor, you can prepare to work in a gallery, write grant proposals and discover the ins and outs of curatorial work. Curatorial practice takes the right kind of eye, and someone able to prepare an exhibit that speaks to the history of art or the contemporary state of the art world.

The best part of being a creative thinking is getting outside the box. Can you think of any other careers for Emily Carr students?