Spotlight on Katie Courson

by Farrah Olegario Nazareth

When I think of Katie Courson, I think of sweetness; a funny lady with a dry sense of humour. She is kind, compassionate, and loving. Her sense of aura is very compelling; you have to meet her.

image            Photo credit: Elaine Innes

Her passion is photography.

Through her practice as a freelance photographer she has developed a distinct style; it is all sorts of “dreamy, clean, and candid.” As she sets up photo shoots, traces of her personality and talent shine. When asked about how she established her style, we discussed her interests. She is a blues kind of girl. “I love the old men” she says and laughs but immediately lets me know she was joking. She loves vintage shopping trips and knitting. A pattern lies in all her interests. She enjoys everything that has taken time, love, and patience to develop, “I like things with history. The story behind who used to own an item, the craftsmanship, and what it takes to make some of these old and unique things.”

Katie’s photography practice seems to have developed by her ability and skills to capture the unseen storyline and history among her subjects. Her photographs encapsulate an authenticity that portrays more than just her subjects in a space; they capture an underlying emotion, expression, and story that makes her work desirable.


Photo credit: Katie Courson

Although Canadian born, Katie maintains ties to her Norwegian culture. A recent photo shoot was inspired by her trip to Vancouver’s Scandinavian Midsummer Festival. She describes the experience as walking through the entrance gates and being in awe of the women—young and old—wearing beautifully crafted crowns. As a viewer it is hard to expect photographs to live up to one’s imagination, but Katie  re-envisioned her experience at the festival into an ethereal set of photographs (shown below).

imageimagePhoto credit: Katie Courson

Her process of setting up a photo shoot begins with finding a location that is suited to her concept. It is further developed into the making or purchasing of props, in this case she made the crown from flowers in her garden, and had a friend model her vision. “It all came together perfectly.” The photographs showcase a striking yet delicate feel.

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