Resources for Artists

By Jessica Molcan

I’ve compiled a list of resources for those artists, illustrators, and designers looking to build a professional career as they complete their studies at Emily Carr. While there are a ton of resources available, sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. Consider this a launching pad.

The Graphic Artist’s Guild

Considered to be the holy grail for communication design and illustration professionals, the Graphic Artist’s Guild is a mecca for those looking to freelance. Chock-full of information about pricing, contracts, and working with clients, it is a great starting point; it is also an excellent resource for visual artists involved in commission work with businesses or individuals. Their website has a section with tools and resources that cover everything, from copyright law to demystifying contracts a client may bring your way. The Graphic Artist’s Guild also offers an in-print book, The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.  For more on the Graphic Artists Guild visit:

Artist Survival Skills: How to Make a Living as a Canadian Visual Artist by Chris Tyrell

You may have walked by this book a few times near the sketchbooks in Opus. A bit pricy but an extremely valuable resource. Tyrell covers creating an inventory, dealing with artwork donations, insuring your work, and an in-depth analysis on pricing your art. Using specific case studies from artists and collectors in the art world, he also offers the basics of becoming a successful visual artist, being represented by a gallery, and having indispensable marketing skills. For more on Tyrell’s book, see the author’s website:

Hyperallergic: Sensitive to Art and its Discontents

Hyperallergic is a collective of writers focused on delivering a playful and radical perspective to art and culture. Featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The New Yorker, Hyperallergic’s serious and comical annotations of the art world contribute to its ever-expanding readership of “art enthusiasts, cultural omnivores and everyone in between.” Containing articles, essays, book and gallery reviews, and news pertaining to the art world, Hyperallergic is a must for those looking to educate themselves on the happenings of the art world across the globe. Check them out at:


Each of these sites has their own slew of links or resources relevant to becoming a creative professional; these resources should help you along your journey.