Here are some dates to be aware of in and around Emily Carr!

The Emily Carr Students’ Union is proud to present…
This week long event will be held at various locations around the school to get you informed and involved with shaping the new campus and the 
 Emily Carr University experience!
Kick-off Event:
Thursday, October 24th  11:30AM - 12:20PM
Room 301, South Building
University President, Dr. Ron Burnett and Vice President Academic, Dr. David Bogen get feedback from you on important questions like:
• What does it mean to be a 21st Century learner, and what should the new campus look like to them? 
• What technical skills do you need throughout your education and how do you want to develop them? 
• How can we build a successful co-operative education program with professional application into the Emily Carr curriculum? 
They will also give an update about what is going on with the new campus project, expand upon the guiding principles of Emily Carr University 
going forward and offer opportunities for you to help build the future of the school over the next couple years.
Kick-off Social:
Student + Faculty Ice Breaker
Thursday, October 24th  5:00PM-6:00PM
Agro Cafe
Come have a tea, coffee or beer and get to know the Emily Carr faculty better!
Your Emily Carr Students’ Union Student Representatives and the University Deans are hosting a series of dialogue sessions during the week to hear more from you about what you want out of your education.  The doors are open to all students in all majors and programs AND lunch will be provided!
Space Minor Session
Thursday, October 24th 4:00PM-5:00PM
Room 390, South Building
with Dean of Culture + Community Susan Stewart and Justin Langlois
Design + Dynamic Media Advisory Session
Monday, October 28th  12:00PM-12:50PM 
Room 247A, North Building
with Dean of Design + Dynamic Media Bonnie Zabolotney 
Visual Art + Material Practice Advisory Session
Tuesday, October 29th  11:30AM-12:20PM 
Room 245, North Building
with Dean of Visual Art + Material Practice Aoife MacNamara
Critical and Cultural Studies Advisory Session
Wednesday, October 30th  4:00PM-5:00PM
Room 301, South Building
with Dean of Foundation & Culture + Community Susan Stewart
This is your chance to bring forward anything about studying at Emily Carr that is not necessarily academic related and help make the services offered by the school better.  We’re looking to start a new student advisory panel with Student Services and would like you on the team.  Come see if you have what it takes!
Student Services Advisory Session
Thursday, October 31st  11:30AM-12:20PM 
Room 301, South Building
with Vice President Student Services, Jennifer DeDominicis
Thursday, October 31st  7:00PM-10:00PM
The Cafeteria
Live DJ and prizes for best costumes!