Art Revolution: A Walkthrough

by Jessica Molcan

The Concourse Gallery here at ECUAD has been revolutionized. In an overnight flurry of spray paint, the Concourse has been transformed by an anti-establishment invasion. The immersive environment is influenced by street art and features a wide variety of disciplines ranging from sculpture, photography, painting, video projections, installation pieces, and performance works. The show is curated by Benji Staempfli and exhibits work by artists including Stephan Anastasiades, Patrick James Bravo, Nathaniel Ferguson, Jonathan Hodges, Lawrence Le Lam, Eric Miranda, Amanda Smart, Ray Tse, Staempfli himself, and more.

The front entrance to the Concourse Gallery displays balloons hung like streamers that prompt you to walk through them. Upon entering the show, “Art Revolution” is spray painted on the wall and you’re greeted by a small television, abandoned spray paint cans, and large colourful murals. As you step around the corner into the rest of the space, you are engulfed in graffiti, colours and the immersive world you’re standing in.


The pieces are varied in style and medium, but all interact well with one another. This can be credited to Staempfli’s curating of the show, presenting it as a unified collaboration rather than as separate works on stark white walls. Each piece demands attention, and the viewer is able to absorb each work individually as well as the show as a whole.


In addition to the anti-establishment style artwork, no traditional title tags hang about, nor artist statements, and no wall is left untouched. Art Revolution has already become the buzz on campus, with students asking one another if they’ve been to the Concourse Gallery this week.


The exhibition opens officially on Thursday, February 27th, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Find the Facebook event here.