Submissions are OPEN!

From February 7-20th


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Read me before you submit!

We are looking for all forms of creative works! Students, faculty and alumni can submit as many pieces/series as they would like. Please fill out the form separately for each different piece/series (not each image)As usual, we are looking for works from all disciplines.  Always submit images that present your work in the best way possible. 

Images must be 300DPI. Do not exceed 10MB per image

  • Dropbox or Google Drive Link

  • TIFF or PNG

If you are accepted,  we will re-photograph your work only if you have low quality images or you do not have the means to photograph your work in high quality.

Videos in the quality you want them presented in. We will be using stills for visual showcase in the publication so if you have particular ones you would like, please attach a high quality still for us to include, as well as the Vimeo or Youtube Link.

Artist Statements will be included if we feel that they are integral to the works submitted, and are thoughtfully and well written. If you do not wish to include the statement with your work, please note this in the Artist Statement section. 

Please make sure to keep the Dropbox/Google Drive links you give us up for at least a month.

Thank you!
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